863 Project "Research and Development of Next-Generation Fuel Cell System " Passed Technical Acceptance

On October 15th, 2014, the 863 office of the Ministry of Science and Technology conducted the evaluation of the project "research and development of next-generation fuel cell system" in Dalian. Deputy Director of DICP Aisheng Feng, Academician Baolian Yi, Prof. Zhigang Shao and representatives of the relevant research teams attended the meeting.

The experts listened to the report presented by Prof. Ming Hou, the leader of the project, reviewed the documents and inspected the research conditions and fuel cell system prototype. Then they all agreed that the project passed the technical acceptance.

The project has made important progress on the key materials and components for fuel cells, including catalyst, proton exchange membrane, carbon paper, metal bipolar plate, etc. The developed fuel cell stacks assembled with metal bipolar plates achieve a great improvement on power density. These achievements can be applied in the fields of fuel cell vehicles, stationary power station etc. (Text Tang Xuejun / Photo by Zeng Yachao)


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