Delegation from Henan Academy of Sciences Visited DNL

A delegation of nine members from Henan Academy of Sciences, headed by Vice-President Mr. Zhancang Zhang, visited Dalian National Laboratory for Clean Energy (DNL) on 25th Apr., 2014. Division head of Biomass Conversion & Bioenergy Prof. Jie Xu met with visitors. Related research staff and management staff from DNL office and Science & Technology Department attended the meeting.

In the exchange meeting, Prof. Jie Xu and Mr. Zhancang Zhang gave a general introduction of DNL and Henan Academy of Sciences separately. Prof. Zongbao Zhao and Dr. Fang Lu introduced the latest research progress and achievements on their scientific fields and groups. During the communication and discussion, both sides expressed the wishes to cooperate with each other in the area of bio-energy.

The guests were invited to visit the Biomass Conversion & Bioenergy during the visiting.

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