Division of Energy storage at DICP published “correspondence” in Nature

Recently, Prof. Huamin Zhang, director of energy storage division, accepted the interview from Nature reporter to provide views on their “Feature article” “A better battery” (Nature, 507 (2014) 26). Afterwards, Prof. Zhang was invited by the subject editor to submit a “Correspondence” on the feature article to publish expert views on the commercial prospect of flow battery.
In recently years, following by the lead of Prof. Zhang, DICP insisted the idea of focusing on both fundamental and applied research and devoting to key materials, components, integration technologies for the battery energy storage system as well as demonstrations. DICP has got a series of achievements in flow batteries, including implementing the world largest 5 MW/10MWh VFB commercial demonstration. At the same time, the developed electrolytes and high power rate stacks were successfully mass exported to Germany and USA. The achievements have been highly regarded by our domestic and foreign counterparts. This “correspodance” further illustrated our leading status in the field of flow batteries in the world.

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