Brief Introduction of DNL

Dalian National Laboratory for Clean Energy (DNL) is newly established, integrated on the campus of the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP). DNL is the first national energy laboratory in China; it was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology in Dec. 2006. In April 2008, DICP has adjusted DNL preparatory group and leader team to accelerate the preparation process.

The basic position of DNL is: orienting as the demand of major national strategy; basing on the strategic support and the advancement of technology; focusing on major scientific issues; clarifying the research field in science and technology; highlighting the interdisciplinary and combining industrial applied and research; exploring the efficient, forward-looking, strategic science and technology innovation activities.

DNL will meet the challenge of sustainable development for clean and safe energy. Research at DNL will focus on the conversion of chemical energy and its sustainable utilization, the economically viable use of solar and biomass energy; these activities will benefit from the strong background of DICP in chemistry, chemical engineering, biology, materials science and physics as well as and the large network of national and international cooperation of the DICP scientists.

DNL will initially consist of 11 research departments:
1、Fossil Energy Conversion
2、Low-Carbon Catalysis and Engineering
3、Energy Environmental Engineering
4、Fuel Cells and Batteries
5、Energy Storage
6、Hydrogen Energy and Advanced Materials
7、Biomass Conversion & Bio-energy
8、Solar Energy
9、Sea Renewable Energy
10、Basic and Strategic Studies on Energy
11、Research Resources Center

DNL will be established by three aspects: (1) strong background of DICP in energy research as well as other domestic institutions; (2) large network of national cooperation; (3) cooperation with global energy companies and research institutions.

After much preparatory work, DNL made great progress by building dedicated facilities with world-class equipment, setting up a lean and efficient organization, staffing it at various levels, and actively prospecting for international and industrial collaborations.

As the national laboratory, DNL should provide strategic advice to national and strategic decision making, to develop the important scientific and technological achievements, to solve economic development problems and to reflect the strength of the highest-level scientific research. In a word, DNL wants to be a key actor to meet the worldwide challenge of sustainable development with clean and safe energy.

Welcome domestic and international energy-related companies and research institutions involved in the preparation and running in the lab to play a prominent role.

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