Research Resources Center

Head of Division:

   Prof. Jingyue Liu


Tel: +86-411-84379753     E-mail:


1990, Ph.D. Arizona State University

1990-1992, Postdoc. Fellow Arizona State University

1992-1994, Research Scientist, Arizona State University

1994-2006, Senior Science Fellow and Senior Research Manager, Monsanto Company

2006- Present, Professor The University of Missouri-St. Louis

                        Director, Center for Nanoscience

2009- Present, Professor in DICP


Introduction of Division:

The goal of center:

Develop, improve and apply advanced capabilities to enable scientific solutions to challenging energy, environment and human health problems


Developing plan:

RRC will and should provide integrated experimental / instrumentation resources for scientific discovery and innovative solutions to energy and related sciences should be able to develop unique capabilities that significantly enhance the DNL/DICP research platforms

Within five years, RRC will be developed into a center of excellence with unparalleled experimental capabilities that enable DNL/DICP researchers to tackle scientific challenges from all angles.

In the next 5-10 years, RRC will focus on developing leading-edge research capabilities, attracting top talents, and training capable scientists both nationally and internationally

It should become internationally competitive in providing integrated scientific solutions to major societal challenges 

 The Proposed RRC Components:
1、Center for Advanced Electron Microscopy
2、Center for Advanced NMR
3、Center for Advanced Mass Spec
4、Advanced X-ray Scattering & Diffraction Facility
5、Advanced Surface Analysis Facility
6、Advanced Spectroscopy Facility
7、Analytical Support Group


Public Test laboratory                               X-Ray Powder Diffractometer


               Wave-Dispersive X-Ray                           Vacuum Adsorption & In-situ Reaction

Fluorescence Spectrometer                      Analysis System with FTIR


Chemisorber                                 Laser Particle Analyzer


       Gas Chromatograph hyphenated Mass             Simultaneous Thermal Gravity Analyzer &

            Spectrometer System                                   Differential Calorimeter


Surface Area & Porous Analyzer

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