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A Survey Group of the National Committee of the Ch...
DNL Delegation visited American National Laboratories [2013-04-27]
Separation Effect of Photogenerated Charges on Photocatalyst Facets Confirmed by our Scientists [2013-03-21]
Convening of the DICP-UCL Forum on Materials, Catalysis and Energy [2013-03-21]
News Release
DICP-Topsoe R&D Center Inauguration and Research Cooperation Agreement Signing Ceremony Held at DICP [2016-01-29]
The “Energy Storage Technology of Megawatt-scale Vanadium Flow Battery System” from wins the “China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award” [2015-12-24]
The 4th International Symposium on Solar Fuels and Solar Cells & the 3rd DNL Conference on Clean Energy was held in DICP [2014-10-30]
The inaugural meeting of the joint project between NSFC and CAS for strategic research of energy chemistry was held in DICP [2014-10-30]
Delegation from Haldor Topsøe visited DICP [2014-06-23]
Delegation from Henan Academy of Sciences Visited DNL [2014-04-28]
Research News
The Monodisperse Micron Silica Packing Production Line is Successfully Operated [2016-01-12]
A New Process for Production of Diethyl Terephthalate from Biomass-Derived Muconic Acid [2016-01-08]
The Photo-induced Hydrogen Production Can Take Place at An Insulator Surface [2015-12-16]
DNL Successfully Confines FeN4 Structure in the Matrix of Graphene Nanosheets [2015-12-16]
DNL Researchers Achieve Photocatalytic Overall Water Splitting on Titanium Dioxide-based Photocatalysts of Different Phases [2015-12-16]
863 Project "Research and Development of Next-Generation Fuel Cell System " Passed Technical Acceptance [2014-10-30]
Academic News
Professor Jens Nielsen gave Zhang Dayu Lecture(XIX)[2015-12-16]
Prof. Yi-Heng Percival Zhang from Virginia Tech of USA Visits DICP[2015-12-16]
The 2015 Review Meeting of DNL-Topsoe Ph.D. Scholarship Held at DNL[2015-06-15]
Visitor from Haldor Topsøe Visited DICP[2015-01-12]
Academic Exchange
The oxide-support gold catalysts for water-gas-shift reaction: A Scanning Tunneling Microscopy/Spectroscopy Study[2011-07-14]
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